Samsung Induction Range: Make An Informed Decision!

So you are looking for a Samsung induction range… We thought we’ll get you a recommendation that is reasonably good. Samsung may have a name so far as electrical appliances are concerned, but that is not to say that they may not have missed the mark a few times. And while we are reviewing a Samsung product for you – we suggest you also check out the alternate option before making a purchase.

Introducing the…

Samsung : FTQ387LWGX 30 Freestanding Electric Range – Stainless Steel

Now let’s take a look at its attributes:

  • It comes with 2 regular single stage cooking elements, 1 double stage quick heating element and also 1 triple stage element for large pans or pots.
  • The knobs are well built and made of heavy cast metal.
  • Convection baking option available.
  • The digital display and controls are true touch and covered in a coating of hard Lexan glass.
  • All the elements come to full blast pretty quickly.

In fact, if the reviews left by the satisfied customers are anything, this double oven can actually be a good addition to your kitchen – especially if you like to cook and bake a lot. Check out this testimonial, for instance:

An innovative double oven from Samsung

“This cool oven is a single-door double oven that the user can convert into a double oven as needed. It also features a warming drawer. When the divider isn’t needed, it slides into a slot in the top of the warming drawer so that it is still accessible if the user decides to put lids or whatever in the drawer. This makes me realize that Samsung is the Apple of home appliances…

Overall, I am really happy with this range and look forward to learning all of its features.”

-J. Curley

In fact, besides the slight cleaning problem that a few reviewers seem to complain about, over all, this Samsung induction range is as good as it gets.


Samsung : FTQ387LWGX 30 Freestanding Electric Range – Stainless Steel

But we did promise you a better alternative. This is primarily because on Amazon, the Samsung range isn’t adequately reviewed or rated. And the one we had in mind was the slide in induction range – they are overall rated higher and can be just as convenient, if not more. And you can check out our review for the same. So do your research thoroughly and then make the best informed buy!

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Samsung : FTQ387LWGX 30 Freestanding Electric Range – Stainless Steel
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