2 Masterpieces Of The Slide In Induction Range Options

Have you recently remodeled your kitchen and are looking for a way to revamp your cooking mediums too? Well, we have just the things you will need – a set of slide-in induction cooktops that would make most people envious. Not only will they revolutionize the way you cook, but will also be a lifesaver in terms of energy bills. No more paying hefty bills at the end of every month!

And if you’ve been researching into the slide in induction range, you will know they are quite the craze right now…and the models we will be bringing to your notice fare as two of the best – yes we bring you not one but two products! Both are great units in their own right – and here’s taking a closer look at them both…following that, you can make up your mind –as to which model will suit your kitchen the best!

So here’s the first model that we are featuring here –

GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range – Convection

Overall, this is one of the best in the slide in range, and most people who have bought it admit that it is a great unit – and here are the reasons why…

  • This unit is super responsive – it boils 1 cm of water in less than 10 seconds.
  • The warming drawer is also an amazing bonus – cooking meals, even for a party, is super easy with this unit.
  • When you turn down the heat, the response is instantaneous and so you save a lot on energy bills because of the unit’s efficacy.
And now for customer satisfaction – this unit impresses even on that account…so here’s a snippet of what a customer said about this unit on Amazon.

Best Looking and Cooking Induction Range on the Market!

“This is a new model of GE’s line of induction ranges–this is the slide-in model. I’ve owned it for about 2 weeks. The combination of features, efficiency, and styling is unbeatable compared to the competition. GE ranges–including their induction ranges–are top-rated for least repair incidences by a major consumer magazine…. Thanksgiving dinner was a joy to prepare on this range, especially the super-responsive burners, temp probe roasting, and the warming drawer. Can’t find anything to complain about–looks amazing in our newly remodeled kitchen.”


So what do you say? Would you like to get this installed in your kitchen too? We promise it will be one of the best things for both your energy consumption and cooking experience.

If you’re decided – then get your…

GE PHS920SFSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range – Convection

From Amazon Today!

But we promised you two products right? So it’s only fair that you will want to look into the other slide in that we have featured…this one is also a winner in its own right – sleek and great to cook with…shall we look into further merits of the product? We are of course speaking of another GE masterpiece –

GE PHS925STSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range – Convection


Like the previous unit from GE, this one also has a great response, and now for the other merits of this unit—
  • Highly energy efficient and easy to operate – even those who suffer a long standing difficulty in handling modern technology will feel quite confident operating this unit.
  • According to most users, this unit works like a dream – and it is so very quiet. Both the fans – the one in the convection unit and the oven fan itself – are extremely quiet.
  • And you don’t have to worry about getting burnt – ever! Even when the oven heats to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the oven is cool to the touch on the outside.
  • And this unit is extremely efficient – it can work under any climatic conditions and at any altitude – with the same level of efficiency.
And now for a bit on customer satisfaction – like any other GE unit, this one doesn’t disappoint on that account either! Let’s have a look at what one thrilled customer has to say—

Love This Range!

“After much research, and driving far and wide to locate one up close and personal to look at, hands down this was the range for us.

It is beautifully made, very sleek and modern, and works like a dream. All fans on it (convection and component cooling) are whisper quiet. The control board is located on the front (unlike the free-standing model) and is very intuitive to use. …

The oven is very spacious and at high altitude only took 13 minutes to heat from cold to 425 degrees. I especially love the sliding rack and will be replacing the other two standard racks with those. Even at 425 degrees, the front of the oven door remained cool to the touch, suggesting that this stove is very well insulated. The first batch of cookies in it came out beautifully and the timing was +/- 1 minute from my usual recipe so I call that spot on.

The first time I used the stovetop, I put pan down, turned the heat to 5 and dropped in a pat of butter which began to melt *instantly* and I do mean instantly. Water boils in no time, and clean-up is a breeze.”

-Amazon Customer

So if you feel that this is the one, then you had better place your order for this one fast – because it is selling quite quick – even on Amazon!

So bring home the GE PHS925STSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Induction Range – Convection



All that’s left to you is to decide which of these masterpieces from the Slide in Induction Range you will be bringing home!

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