Induction vs Gas Cooking: Which One Is Best For Your Home?

Does your kitchen need a major overhaul or perhaps you’re building a new home and want it to be as efficient as the rest of the spaces therein? Confused on what to pick between induction vs gas cooking? It has been told over and over again that great meals are the very anchor to a happy healthy home. With so many options today, choosing the right cooking appliance is crucial to your goals of crafting a happy kitchen. Though we cannot decide that for you, we come up with this comparative analysis to give you a more informed decision later on.

Criteria on Picking Your Next Cooktop

When it comes to comparing induction vs gas cooking, the following criteria must be kept in mind.

Source of Heat

When it comes to heat source, gas cooking is often perceived to be easy as many homes come equipped with gas lines. One simply ignites the cooktop and you’re good to go. Unbeknownst to many, induction cooking comes as easy. Induction is dependent largely on electricity. Most homes today, whether running on electric or solar, have open energy source for the induction cooktop to connect with. The key to effectively using this heat source however, relies largely on how magnetism is transferred from its coils to your pots and pans. But basically, if you have power in your home, you can heat up just any brand of induction cooktop.

Energy Saving

When it comes to energy saving, induction is also hailed as the top choice. Not only is electricity (or solar energy source) cheaper than gas or propane, it also efficiently uses electrical energy. Heat from gas cooking often leaves plenty of room for it to escape untapped. A lot of heat usually gets lost to convection and radiation when cooking via gas stovetops. Though it can heat up a cooking vessel fast, induction cooking does the same but only more efficiently as it helps to cut out all energy wastages.

Cooking Speed

What used to be the reigning king in cooking speed, gas cooking have taken a backseat when the advent of induction cooking came to light. Traditional boiling of water, for instance, in an induction cooktop can take as short as 90 seconds. Top-rated gas stoves cannot top that even when set at the highest temperature.


Gas cooking has always been a fodder of safety regulation for decades. Not only is the open flame unsafe for homes with children, it can also be catastrophic when there’s a leak. Induction cooking, on the other hand, is the epitome of safety. The stovetop does not burn or singe or even hurt a bit. Safety is what puts induction appliances on top of the cooking arena—and it has stayed that way for years now.

Clean Up

If you don’t mind rigorous scraping of stains and sticky leftovers from sauces and soups then, by all means, go for the gas cooking route. But if you are one who want cleanup be done in a breeze, induction cooking is definitely a must-have. Clean-up is hassle-free and requires a wipe of a cloth. Unlike gas cooking when you need to wait for the parts to cool down, induction cooktops can be wiped right away.


Hands down, induction cooking is the more environment friendly choice with these two. Gas requires fossil fuel to fire up. Some homes with solar energy can simply tap their induction cooktop to their energy source and voila! Eco-friendly cooking at your fingertips!


Induction cooktops also boast of astounding aesthetics. A favorite among minimalist homes, it can easily camouflage to any kitchen interior design. Sleek and easy to the eye, it adds a certain level of elegance to the kitchen that no gas cooktop haven’t done for years.



When it comes to induction vs gas cooking, the former is the sure winner. That is if you favor overall safety and efficiency in your home. Gas cooking is a passé mode of food preparations. With induction cooking, you and your family can enjoy home cooked meals without the usual burdens. So, invest in a good induction cooktop and cooking ware to fully enjoy its benefits.

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Induction vs Gas Cooking: Which One Is Best For Your Home?
Fancy a kitchen overhaul? Learn why induction cooking is your best choice.