Induction Cooktop vs Range – Which One Is Better

Do you have plans to make a complete kitchen overhaul or does your old cooktop suddenly dies out on you? Are you contemplating what to pick between an induction cooktop vs range cooktop? In a market where technology run its gamut, finding the latest in induction cooking and gas or electric range cooking can make you gape in utmost surprise. Not only are there so many choices to compare, you will also be left with the challenge on which best one will work best for your kitchen. To give you a more informed decision, the following no-nonsense comparative analysis of these cooktops are prepared just for you.



Induction Cooktop vs Range Cooking

Before delving further, it is important to understand that range cooktop comes in 2 varieties—electric and gas.  Induction cooktops on the other hand, make use predominantly of electricity to function. So, let’s compare induction cooktop vs range cooktop according to:

Source of Heat

Without a doubt electric or gas range are commonplace in many rental properties due to their low initial cost. Most homes, particularly those built up until the early Y2K’s have gas lines. Fast-forward today, many modern homes and rental properties make good use of electricity as main source of energy. This is even more so for some homes who wish to cut their carbon footprint by shifting to renewable energy sources like solar or wind. With electric or solar energy deem staple in most modern homes, many of them prefer induction cooktops due to perceived convenience in firing them up.

Energy Saving

Gas or electric range cooking is perceived to be the more budget-friendly route by many households. If one is to carefully double check today’s induction cooktop, however, many brands and models boast of energy-saving features such as auto-shutoff and induction power-boosting feature that allows faster cooking leading to plenty of savings in electricity. Take the 30-inch Thermador CIT304KB, for example. It does not only feature an auto-shutoff timer and power-boosting technology, it also allows a keep warm function so one doesn’t have to heat up meals over and over again.

Cooking Speed

While gas range or coils on electric range are known to give off instant heat, cooking via induction cooktop is known to be much faster and more efficient. Using electromagnetism, it features speed heating technology allowing heat to travel to the cookware 50 times faster than any traditional cooking ranges.  Even when a gas range can heat a pan in seconds, an induction cooktop can still deliver heat cohesively and completely into the cookware leading to more speed in cooking. Simply use the right induction cookware and you are good to go.


Another critical feature in home cooktops is safety. Gas ranges are always deemed fire hazards for homes. A leak can be poisonous and when unattended, can lead to disastrous consequences. Electric ranges may pose to be safer but heated coils can hurt and burn. When it comes to safety, induction cooktops are deemed the champion in this arena. It does not burn and has no coils or open fire to think of. Many modern induction cooktops like the Thermador CIT304KB or the NuWave PIC Pro come with ultra-safe technology like automatic shutoff timers and programmable heat to ensure cooking safety at all times.


Without a doubt, an induction cooktop is a runaway winner on this one. Unlike traditional ranges, surfaces of induction cooktops are not heated hence, preventing any “baking” or “burning” of food elements. A simple wipe-off is all it takes to clean one.


Electric gas range and induction cooktops can do less with carbon footprint than their gas range counterpart. Electric gas range however, can consume more electricity than induction cooktops.


Induction cooktops is the Venus of modern cooking. Sleek and smart, it is every minimalist home’s dream. Some induction cooktops like the NuWave PIC Pro can be both beautiful and handy.



Choosing a kitchen cooktop can truly be overwhelming. But if you are in for the long haul, you know already what to pick between induction cooktop vs range cooktops. While initial cost of induction cooktops may be a little steeper than traditional cooktops, it is best to note that prices are going down these days as more competitive brands come in to the market.

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