2 Most Popular Induction Griddle Reviewed

Perhaps one of the most taken for granted kitchen appliances, the induction griddle comes with various advantages that will revolutionize cooking. Apart from the available space to cook pancakes, omelets, tortillas, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, roasted vegetables, and various breakfast and snacks essentials, the wide non-stick surface is also easiest to monitor and clean. Of course, induction-friendly griddles also offer the benefit of healthy cooking as it cooks meat, vegetables and everything else even without oils or butter.

But with the number of induction griddle out there, finding the best one for your kitchen can be such a challenge. To give you a bit of the top choices in both single burner and double burner varieties, we picked the top choices on each and here they are:

Top Induction Griddle At a Glance

BrandVisualHighlightCheck Discount/Price
Cuisinart Non-Stick Double Burner GriddleFi 1• non-stick interior
• tri-ply design
• hard anodized and non-porous exterior
• maximum wear-resistant
• equipped with Heat Surround Technology for even and consistent distribution
• dishwasher safe
• rust-proof and heat-proof handles
• lifetime warranty
Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Round GriddleFi 2• made of cast iron
• can work in induction cooktops, gas stovetops, campfires and oven
• pre-seasoned and ready-to-use
• heat retention and distribution
• easy clean-up
• sturdy handle with holes for hanging
• lifetime warranty

2 Highly Recommended Induction Griddle

These induction-friendly griddle or grill pans can easily turn any stovetop into an indoor grill. Now, cooking burgers, pan-seared chicken and salmon, pancakes, and Panini sandwiches among others can be enjoyed just right in your kitchen. Topping the list are these two:

1.Cuisinart Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle

If you have a dual induction burner at home, the Cuisinart Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle is definitely a wiser option. Its tri-ply design ensures optimal heat conduction and premium non-stick interior which makes cooking extra easy and fast. Its hard anodized non-porous exterior is harder than any stainless steel making it highly tear-and-wear resistant. Of course, the CuisinArt brand prides itself with unique Heat Surround Technology for consistently even distribution. It is also dishwasher-safe and heat- and rust-proof handles making it safe and comfortable to handle.

No wonder reviews from actual households using the Cuisinart Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle have always come positive. People hailed it as one of the most budget-friendly induction griddle and for good reason. So, if you wish to buy one for your own use or want to send it as a wedding or housewarming gift, simply order from Amazon and enjoy discounts. When buying add the OXO Good Grips Silicone flexible pancake turner for a more enjoyable cooking time.

Here’s another great choice.

2. Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Round Griddle

Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Round Griddle
This 10.5-inch induction griddle from the Lodge Cast Iron is one that attracts awe from prolific kitchen dwellers. It can be used not just in induction stovetops but also on gas stovetops, campfires, and oven. What makes the L9OG3 remarkable is the griddle’s pre-seasoned and virtually ready to use design. Add to that the exceptional heat retention and distribution making cooking conveniently fast. Cleaning is so easy. Simply rinse with hot water and dry thoroughly. To store, simply hang or place in a cabinet.

Versatility and durability are the very characteristics of the Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Round Griddle. No wonder reviews from actual users hailed it as the perfect kitchen and camping ally. If you wish to invest in great cookery, it is high time to order one from Amazon. This also makes an excellent present for special occasions and can be passed down from one generation to the next as an heirloom.

There is no such thing as too much utensils in a kitchen. Both Cuisinart Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle and Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Round Griddle will make great addition to your kitchen utensils. Use CuisinArt for large breakfast and meal preparations done indoors while the L9OG3 can be used for camping or backyard barbeque time on weekends and special occasions. With both having lifetime warranty, no meal will ever be boring again in your kitchen.

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